Today, Monday 20th March, we celebrate International Day of Happiness and the theme for 2023…

Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind.

Simple steps really, but in our busy world it can be easy to neglect our feelings and focus on the worries and stress rather than what brings joy to our lives.

The LOVELIVE team is extremely lucky to have Sheila Ryan of SR Mindfulness ( as our expert in encouraging presence and awareness, which in turn leads to a grateful heart and kindness to others.

We asked Sheila for her top tip for daily mindfulness practice which anyone can do!

At times, we all get disheartened, discouraged, or hijacked by the “the stuff of life.” It is in these moments that we should rely on the steady basis of our mindfulness practice. The way our reality unfolds is in part created by the choices we make moment to moment. So, consider, ‘How do I want to be in this moment, and the next?’ and act from that intention.

We also asked the LOVELIVE team to take the opportunity to tell us what they are grateful for…

I’m very grateful for all the people in my life! Both personally and at work, I’m surrounded by good people which makes life so much more enjoyable!– Louie Orr, Presentations Designer

What makes me happy is knowing that I can make a difference, no matter how small, in some way every day.– Sarah Porter, Marketing Coordinator

I am grateful for having people around me that care about me, oh and I’m grateful for cats and dogs existing!– Katie Wilson, Senior Designer

‘’I’m grateful to live with two of my best friends and to be able to hang out with them every day. We’re always there for each other when we need it, and weekend nights still feel like a big sleepover.’’ – Karolina Fedorowicz, Production Editor

Step out my door straight into the countryside, walk with Emma and the dog, pub lunch…what more can I ask for!– Garrick Middleton, Lead Creative

I love when I can get on a quiet walk in the woods, hearing all the birds and animals scurrying around, that’s a happy place for me. – Jordan Ikin, Senior Designer

I walk our dog in the local park every day and I always take a moment to take in how beautiful it is there.– Vicky Booth, Senior Production Editor

“Colour is everywhere, and in everything. From the blue of the sky and its fluffy white clouds, to the green of a lush thick lawn. Reds and golds of leaves in the autumn, and twinkling Christmas lights.” – James Orange Gibson, Director of Colour

If you would like to find out more about International Day of Happiness and how you can get involved, visit: